A Brief Introduction to Eq Graphics

EQ Graphics has been leading equine website innovation in the horse industry for over a decade. Our custom equine web design solutions and proven horse marketing strategies have helped over 250 equine websites and horse businesses surpass their goals. If your current website is not performing to your standards, or you have questions about marketing your equestrian business, we offer a free one-hour consultation with a professional equine marketing specialist who will provide a wealth of marketing expertise for your horse business at no cost. 

Who We Are

In early 2004, a dynamic husband and wife duo, Jacqueline and David Mobley, combined their knowledge and skills to begin a niche web design, development and marketing company created to meet the specific needs of the equine industry. Jackie’s professional equestrian background and marketing prowess, paired with David’s career as a college professor in web development and advanced Photoshop, formed what quickly grew to become the leading equine marketing firm in the United States, EqGraphics.com.


During their 10-year history, EQ Graphics developed over 250 custom websites and strategic marketing programs for equine businesses of all sizes. In 2010, EQ Graphics began a 3-year contract for a private company to manage large teams of programmers during the innovation and development of several new web technologies and software applications previously non-existent on the Internet. Upon completion late 2013, David and Jackie chose eight of the senior level programmers to begin working full-time for EQ in 2014. With the addition of top programmers each holding their B.A. or P.H.D. in Computer Science, EQ Graphics has the unique ability to create and utilize new, state-of-the-art technology while continuing to provide the high level of strategic marketing expertise and beautiful designs that put EQ on the map more than a decade ago.

Although EQ Graphics is most widely recognized in the horse industry for equine website design, our expertise extends far beyond the field of web development.

Here are a few of the many things we can do for you rated on a scale of 0-100 to show you what we do best…

Development Services

  • Custom Mobile Responsive Web Development 99%
  • Full Service Print & Graphic Design Work 90%
  • Brand Identity Creation & Re-creation 85%
  • Organic Search Engine Optimization 75%
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Development 85%
  • Development of Business Presentations 90%
  • Custom Technology Innovation 99%

Corporate Services

  • Growth Strategy & Planning 90%
  • Analysis of Current Marketing 80%
  • Corporate Marketing Training 70%
  • Media Planning & Buying 60%
  • Targeted Social Media Marketing 85%
  • Conceptualizing & Executing Unusual Ideas 99%
  • Data Collection & Marketing Metric Analysis 85%

Whether you have a new idea or would like to discuss your current business we’re always only a phone call away.


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