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FREE Horse Business Webinar founder, Elizabeth McMillan, is a highly sought after equine business consultant who is widely recognized throughout all disciplines for sharing a vast amount of knowledge related to running a successful horse business. In addition to helping thousands of horse business owners through her Equestrian Professional membership website, she has been a guest speaker at major equine events throughout the US and Canada, such as her recent public speaking engagement at the United States Eventing Association.

Equestrian Professional offers several valuable equine business webinars throughout the year, which are free to horse business owners. On January 19th, 2014, Equestrian Professional will be hosting their most popular equine business seminar of the year, Rethinking the Horse Business.

This free horse business seminar is designed to provide equestrians and equine business owners with an in-depth look at the economic climate of the equine industry and a comparative analysis of how the current economy is affecting horse businesses. Equestrian Professional is basing the “Rethinking the Horse Business” webinar on many years of horse business research, which has been strategically accumulated through a combination of equestrian surveys and other reputable horse business resources.

After gaining crucial knowledge about current horse industry statistics, horse business owners will be provided with real-world examples of successful equine businesses and the mainstream industry trends and marketing strategies that are paving their road to success.

EQ Graphics highly recommends registering for the FREE “Rethinking the Horse Business” webinar and marking your calendars for January 19th, 2014. This webinar will be especially helpful to breeders, horse trainers, riding instructors and boarding stable owners, yet all facets of the equine industry are welcome to attend. Call in from the comfort of your home right after you feed your horses and gain invaluable insight and knowledge that can aid in the success of your horse business… for free.

EQ Graphics would like to thank Elizabeth McMillan and for their continued dedication to the success of the equine industry. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the “Rethinking the Horse Business” webinar in the comment section below:

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