Dickie Duds English Apparel


Dickie Duds is a small manufacturer with an extremely innovative product for English Equestrians. Dickie Duds needed an eCommerce Shopping Cart solution with dual access for direct sales and retailer orders in addition to branding to portray their high quality.


EQ Graphics manipulated imagery to brand Dickie Duds with an elite presence and custom created a very unique interactive drag and drop shopping experience for customers. Dickie Duds immediately began making sales within the first 24 hours of the website’s launch.

Every English Equestrian from age 6 to 60 can benefit from purchasing from Dickie Duds unique apparel line. Dickie Duds are the original reversible ratcatcher dickie for wearing over a camisole or T-Shirt under your hunt coat when showing in the English Show Ring. Not only do they allow you to stay cool while showing in the summer heat, Dickie Duds fit almost ever competitor from short stirrup to grand prix and cannot be outgrown.





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