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Create a clutter-free equine classifieds website as an alternative to Equine.com, DreamHorse.com and EquineNow.com that is simple to use for advertising and fast when searching for a horse or pony for sale, stallion at stud or equine business.


The web development and design team at EQ Graphics innovated a superior classifieds platform. Adding a horse for sale takes 45 seconds with a custom drag & drop interface and the one page mobile design makes it impossible to get lost searching.

PonyCity.com is an equine classifieds website where horse owners list their horses for sale, ponies for sale, stallions at stud and equine businesses. The Pony City website has been  well established in the Southeast as the premier website to advertise horses and ponies for sale and stallions at stud for 15 years and EQ Graphics is taking the equine classifieds website to the next level with a new custom design and marketing campaigns targeting the entire United States and Canada. EQ Graphics is responsible for all of Pony City’s marketing materials, website design, video production and custom software development.

Click “Play” Below to Watch EQ Graphics Video Production for PonyCity.com


PonyCity.com NEW Equine Classifieds Website



EQ Graphics Developed Revolutionary “Smart Search” for PonyCity.com



Horse for Sale and Stallion at Stud Page on Pony City Equine Classifieds



Custom Designed Advertiser Area for Managing Horses for Sale and Stallions at Stud



Drag & Drop Custom Interface Allows for Beautiful Ad Design in Less than One Minute



Pony City Equine Classifieds – Finding Your Dreamhorse Will Never Be The Same



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