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Coastal Cowgirl Horsehair Jewelry


Coastal Cowgirl Horsehair Jewelry is a long-time web design client of EQ Graphics. EQ designers helped catapult Coastal Cowgirl’s Horsehair Bracelets, Horsehair Necklaces and Horsehair Jewelry to the next level which required a custom ecommerce website.


A fully responsive mobile website was designed for Coastal Cowgirl to allow horsehair jewelry to be ordered online. The shopping cart design was customized to allow horse and equestrian products in addition to horsehair jewelry to be added easily at any time.

Coastal Cowgirl specializes in making custom horsehair jewelry out of mane and tail hair collected by the horse’s owner. Horsehair jewelry such as horsehair bracelets and horsehair necklaces make a unique gift for horse lovers of all ages and Coastal Cowgirl has become highly sought after for the superior quality of her hand-made custom horsehair jewelry. Each horsehair bracelet and horsehair necklace is sized and hand-crafted individually to perfection. The web designers at EQ Graphics worked with Coastal Cowgirl horsehair jewelry to design the original website which helped catapult the recognition of Coastal Cowgirl Horsehair Jewelry internationally. The website allowed Coastal Cowgirl to receive orders and design custom horsehair jewelry including horsehair bracelets and horsehair necklaces for horse owners from California to Florida, the UK, Canada and Australia.

With Coastal Cowgirl’s overwhelming popularity and high demand for custom horsehair jewelry, came the need for a new website to support the influx of horse owners visiting the Coastal Cowgirl Horsehair Jewelry website. The custom eCommerce website solution with a full shopping cart and mobile responsive web design was created to allow Coastal Cowgirl to once again, expand to the next level. The website’s shopping cart supports categories for horsehair bracelets, horsehair necklaces, horsehair earrings and horse jewelry that is not made of horse hair. Equestrians, equine enthusiasts and cowgirls alike will enjoy the new Coastal Cowgirl horsehair jewelry website for its ease of use and simple shopping experience.

Horsehair Jewelry Bracelets and Necklaces by Coastal Cowgirl Horse Hair Jewelry

Horse Hair Bracelets by Coastal Cowgirl Horsehair Jewelry


Horsehair Jewelry Bracelets and Necklaces by Coastal Cowgirl Horse Hair Jewelry

Coastal Cowgirl Horsehair Jewelry Trade Show Display Backdrop


Horsehair Jewelry Bracelets and Necklaces by Coastal Cowgirl Horse Hair Jewelry 

Coastal Cowgirl Horsehair Jewelry Gift Certificates for Custom Horse Hair Gifts


Horsehair Jewelry | Horsehair Bracelets | Horsehair Necklaces by Coastal Cowgirl Horse Hair Jewelry

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