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EQ Graphics specializes in equine website design and equestrian web marketing for the horse industry and we consider it such an honor to work with many of the nation’s leading breeders, equestrian facilities and equine businesses. Below you will find a small sampling of a few of our recent websites and you will hear directly from our clients about their experience working with EQ. Although we could write a novel about equine web design and marketing horses, we feel you will have the best understanding of the many things we do by hearing directly from those our work has impacted. Click on the links below to visit their websites and please feel free to contact us anytime to discuss your equine business.


HDC Quarter Horses

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HDC Quarter Horses Website Design by EQ Graphics

The first time I contacted EQ Graphics was late at night on a Sunday. Five minutes later I received a message in my inbox and it wasn’t an auto-responder, it was a personal message. I called them shortly before midnight that same night and knew right away from the very first discussion this was the team I wanted to work with.

Our stallions achieved international success and HDC Quarter Horses became NRHA’s #1 Owner of Reining Horses after our wins at Congress, AQHA World’s and the NRHA Futurity. We wanted a website and media presence that lived up to our stallions. We decided to look outside of the reining world with the hope of bringing fresh talent and new ideas into the industry. We wanted to stand out and be different and that seems to come second nature to EQ.

We gave them a few images, talked to them about our stallions and then left them alone to come up with their own ideas. They created everything – our logo, horseshow banners, stallion cards, print ads and then of course, the website. We never made a change to a single design they sent us. Everything they presented immediately exceeded our expectations. Jackie and David and their team are true artists that offer so much more than we ever anticipated and they refuse to settle for anything less than what they consider to be perfect. On several occasions we were completely satisfied, but they were not; they continued working even though they could have saved countless hours of their own time by stopping when we were happy, but that’s not who they are.

The combination of their passion for horses and web technology is unmatched in the industry. Still to this day, every time I call, whether it happens to be late at night or on a weekend, I always know the chance of getting a voicemail is slim to none. All of us at HDC would like to thank EQ Graphics for everything they have done and will continue to do for us for many years to come.

~Hubert Heule
HDC Quarter Horses

Hilltop Farm, Inc.

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Hilltop Farm Dressage Stallion Website Design by EQ Graphics

At Hilltop Farm we take pride in our position as an industry leader and it was imperative that our website reflected that standing. We researched many, many potential companies before choosing EQ Graphics. Jackie was phenomenal to work with right from the start. Early in our first conversation, it was clear she understood what we needed to accomplish with the website, was willing to work within our budget, and had fresh ideas that we had never considered but that instantly opened up new possibilities for us.

EQ Graphics created an innovative site that utilizes the latest in mobile-responsive technology and showcases our horses in a beautiful format. Our site is massive – well over 1,000 pages – but they were able to organize the content in a clear, easy to navigate format that allows breeders, owners, and buyers to quickly view the content they are most interested in. Jackie and David were always available to answer questions, brainstorm new ideas, or just provide a progress update throughout the entire development experience.

The site was built so that we can easily maintain it and, equally important, it’s created with a flexibility that will allow it to grow with us in the coming years. Our sincere thanks to Jackie, David, and the entire EQ Graphics team and we look forward to working with them again on additional marketing projects.

~Natalie DiBeradinis
Hilltop Farm, Inc.


Jacksonville Equestrian Center

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Jacksonville Equestrian Center Website Design by EQ Graphics

As the new management group at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, the Northeast Florida Equestrian Society was striving for a new identity to rebrand our center.  EQGraphics gave us the exact avenue and boost that we needed.  Did we mention boost?  David, Jackie and staff worked around the clock to meet some extremely tight deadlines so our website could go live on the day we assumed management.  Their team worked nonstop (literally 24/7) with our staff to develop an incredible logo that honors Jacksonville residents and will identify our equestrian center as a premier destination in the Southeast.  To top it off, our website result was beyond our wildest expectations.  

EQGraphics sifted through thousands of photos and developed media input so our site stands above all others.  It is innovative, unique and state-of-the-art.  All others in our industry should take notice at the outstanding service, creativity and end result that EQGraphics provides customers.  Furthermore, the technical knowledge that David possesses is unbelievable; he patiently walked us through technical mine fields so we could gain critical search engine optimization and transfer URL data from one management company to another. 

If you want the highest possible quality and attention to every minuet detail, then EQGraphics is your company.   You absolutely can’t go wrong.  They will work and work and work until you are satisfied with the product you’re receiving.  A tip of the hat to Jackie, David and the EQGraphics Staff from the NFES and the patrons of the Jacksonville Equestrian Center for our exceptional new logo and website.

~Penny Gorton
Jacksonville Equestrian Center


Horse of my Dreams

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Dreamhorse Horse of my Dreams Website Design by EQ Graphics

Thank you so much Jackie, David, and everyone at EQ Graphics. You’ve made what we thought was going to be a stressful process of completely redesigning our website into a fun and exhilarating experience! When we first talked, you said you had a vision of what the new site was going to look like and you said we were going to love it, but what you guys delivered was so much more than we could have ever asked for!

Not only does the new site look amazing, but it functions even better than we could have imagined. We are saving valuable hours every week updating and maintaining the new site compared to the process we had with our old site. The level of support you have given us both during the transition and still today as we continue to fine-tune everything has been exceptional. We saw virtually no down time while we transitioned from the old site to the new site. We have also received rave reviews from old and new customers alike on how much easier our new site is to navigate through, and the presentation is much more professional. 

Our traffic to our site has just steadily increased since the site went live! We are confident that this new site will help position us to continue to grow our company over the coming years to meet our lofty goals.

Not only did you deliver on a fabulous website, but you’ve given us invaluable help on learning other processes and software to help us streamline our entire business and save us both time and money. If you ever have anyone that needs a reference, please feel free to have them call us. You guys are simply amazing!”

~Alicia & Richard
Horse of my Dreams


Russian Warmblood Registry

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Orlov-Rostopchin Sporthorse Website Design by EQ Graphics

I can’t say enough about Jackie and the staff at EQ Graphics.  They are very understanding, kind, and professional.  My experience with them was one of the best business transactions that I have ever had.  I came to them with essentially nothing and they created one of the nicest, most professional breed websites out there.  With their connections in the horse industry they were able to get pictures of some of these rare horses that the owners of the horses didn’t even have themselves. 

Again they started with almost zero content and through their research they were able to create a very comprehensive history of the Orlov-Rostopchin breed.  Their passion for the horse industry is very contagious and the quality of work they’ve done on our website makes me want to up my game to be worthy of it. 

The only thing I can say is go check out the website… and realize that they did all of that without any content from me.  Thank you Jackie so much.

~Matthew Brasher
Orlov-Rostopchin Sporthorse Association

Past Equine Websites Before Mobile

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