I had searched for a long time to find someone that could take the vision in my head and put in on paper in a clean elegant way. When I first landed on the EQGraphics web page I knew I had found the place to make it happen....

I am absolutely blown away by the finished product! Developing my logo was not easy because I had a lot of elements that I wanted to incorporate that define who we are and what we do.

I think even Jackie was doubtful she could pull it off or not but with some collaboration and some determination she was able to turn out exactly what I was looking for. It even exceeded my expectations! I often find myself just pulling up the image and admiring it. The work that Jackie and David do is exceptional and their images are timeless.

Thank you for putting in the work and not giving up!”
Mandy Steinhoff, Vista Farms East

There is no one better in the industry to make beautiful complete works of art that deliver a message from a business to the entire horse world. I absolutely would recommend Eq Graphics to deliver the best quality and talent hands down...

I initially requested a logo from Eq Graphics and then a website for a fairly difficult, broad range equine electronics product just over a year ago. I had already hired several people both in and out of the horse world in hopes something would spark my interest. Nothing.

I gave EQ a broad category and little direction. It had to appeal to all styles of riding, ages of riders and breed of horse. They not only nailed both the logo and website!!!!! But they spent the time to ensure both products/services to perfection.

They are skilled and perfectionists that parlay the finest in the equine world of websites and graphic design. And worked immaculately with specific timelines. I am so glad to have found them and will definitely continue to work with them on future projects.
Leah Lane, i Rock N Ride, California

I am in awe. You captured Annie so perfectly. As someone who knows every inch of her so well, I am amazed at the way you embodied her feeling so completely

Oh my goodness I LOVE this!!! It is absolutely beautiful!! I love the “Liberty” with her leg and the strong “horsemanship” at the bottom. I am so in love with the way “Liberty” is incorporated! I think it is just beautiful.

You captured Annie so incredibly, and I love the hug with me. I think the whole thing is beautiful. I love the hair, I love the position – I am seriously thrilled! This is more beautiful than I even imagined, and I had high hopes after seeing your other work! I truly am so happy and grateful! It is wonderful and really captures the feeling of the lessons we aim to teach. Thank you so so much!!”
Mosie Trewhitt, Liberty Horsemanship, California

This year I decided to pay a local designer here in the UK where I live, to design my logo. They produced about 10 designs and each of them made my heart sink...

Running my own business for years I procrastinated about the type of design which would feel right as my Logo. I wondered who on earth would understand when I asked for the horse to be ‘not behind the vertical, not breaking at c3 and to have a soft yet attentive look in it’s eye’. The designer in England felt that my dream logo wasn’t possible in reality. So I returned to researching ideas on the internet and I fell in love with a Logo called ‘True Partner Saddlery’.

The style and feel was everything I wanted. The company kindly put me in touch with EQ Graphics who had designed it and after speaking with them by phone I suddenly realized that my dream was coming true. Jackie started work on my Logo immediately and after one week had it complete.

It was beautiful, an absolute piece of art yet I still wanted to adapt it a little to fit the vision which I had. Jackie had the patience of a saint, giving me alternative options and happily changing the smallest detail until I agreed that she had created my dream Logo. Jackie is an absolute artist and puts love and great enthusiasm into her work, she is always at the end of the phone or email when needed and she has a wonderful calm approach. Thank you Jackie for everything.
Anna Bonnage, Anna Bonnage Horsemanship, England