“Branding a new business can become very overwhelming very quickly, thankfully Jackie and David took the time to get to know me and my goals they have been instrumental in helping me get started. From creating the perfect name and logo to always being available to answer my marketing questions. I’m incredibly blessed to have had the EQ Graphic’s Team to help me on my journey.
Tiffany Yetter, Helena Equine, Montana

“A logo is the foundation of your business identity, which is why I spent six months looking for the right designer...

During our phone consult, Jackie took the time to understand my business and asked insightful questions to help shape my logo’s vision. I knew I wanted my logo to appeal to all disciplines and hoped that the anatomy of the horse could be incorporated into the lettering.

Choosing EqGraphics was the best decision that I made for my brand. Jackie nailed the design in the very first draft. Anyone who has had a logo designed knows what a painful process it can be, not so with Eq Graphics!
Chelsea Damon, Remuda Method

I did not know what direction I wanted for my logo and I paid a lot of money to a few branding companies here in Israel to try to find the right logo for my dream come true, when all the logos they sent me were no way near to be the right ones…

I’m Avivit, and my journey with my logo starts 12 years ago, when I realized that my only dream and wish is to give people the chance to heal the same way I did…  just by being with horses, in their presence and by feeling them in eye level from the ground only, and not from their back.

I founded “Gallop center” 3 years ago, with a temporary logo My sister helped me to create..
18 months ago I decided it’s time to make a whole new branding to “Gallop Center” as a part of an exposure journey to the Israeli people that do not know that kind of therapy at all..
I did not know what direction I want for my logo and I paid a lot of money to a few branding companies here in Israel to try to find the right logo for my dream come true, when all the logos they sent me were no way near to be the right ones.

I was so frustrated so I tried to search for an example for a logo that “talks” to me on google. Thats where I found Jackie and David. The minute I saw their logos I had to contact them and beg them to make me a logo even that i need it with a line in Hebrew.

I started mailing and sending them messages from every link I could praying them to contact me. A few minutes later Jackie answered me and we got a good laugh about my excitement and enthusiasm. The moment she told me YES I just “signed in”.. we talked on the phone, I explained here my wish for my logo to bring the equine-human therapeutic connection and waited for the fairy to do her magic.  I did not care about paying 3 deferent branding companies already. I just wanted my logo to arise and touch my heart.

The moment I first saw my logo i started crying from joy. My logo became a part of my dream come true, as it represents a part of my soul. Thank you my far fairy, for sending me your magic and embodying my life journey.
Avivit Malca Ben-gaon, Gallop, Israel
“Thank you so much for your effort in designing the logo of my dreams, I take enormous pride of showcasing it everywhere online as in real life! And I got the best response on it as well. It is a pleasure to buy designs from such professional and dedicated, not just designers, but horse owners as yourselves! You manage to capture horses in a very special way because of that, I’m sure!
Ellen Sauer, Ellen Sauer Hestetræning, Denmark

I could not have imagined having anyone else to have designed our logo for us. They have not only become professional acquaintances, but life long friends and I can’t wait for our next project together

After searching high and low for someone to design our logo I stumbled across EQ Graphics on accident. We were looking for someone that could think outside of the box and not just create a cookie cutter logo. While I had something completely different in mind, 10 minutes into my conversation with Jackie she had a completely different outlook on what could work.

I am so glad that I just left everything in her artistic hands. WOW!!! was all I kept saying when she revealed our logo to us. She nailed it on the head. Jackie and David have been amazing to work with from the start.
Pattie Hieber, Willow Brook Ranch, California