The first time I contacted EQ Graphics was late at night on a Sunday. Five minutes later I received a message in my inbox and it wasn’t an auto-responder, it was a personal message. I called them shortly before midnight that same night and knew right away from the very first discussion this was the team I wanted to work with...

Our stallions achieved international success and HDC Quarter Horses became NRHA’s #1 Owner of Reining Horses after our wins at Congress, AQHA World’s and the NRHA Futurity. We wanted a website and media presence that lived up to our stallions. We decided to look outside of the reining world with the hope of bringing fresh talent and new ideas into the industry. We wanted to stand out and be different and that seems to come second nature to EQ.

We gave them a few images, talked to them about our stallions and then left them alone to come up with their own ideas. They created everything – our logo, horseshow banners, stallion cards, print ads and then of course, the website. We never made a change to a single design they sent us. Everything they presented immediately exceeded our expectations. Jackie and David and their team are true artists that offer so much more than we ever anticipated and they refuse to settle for anything less than what they consider to be perfect. On several occasions, we were completely satisfied, but they were not; they continued working even though they could have saved countless hours of their own time by stopping when we were happy, but that’s not who they are.

The combination of their passion for horses and web technology is unmatched in the industry. Still to this day, every time I call, whether it happens to be late at night or on a weekend, I always know the chance of getting a voicemail is slim to none. All of us at HDC would like to thank EQ Graphics for everything they have done and will continue to do for us for many years to come.
Hubert Heule, HDC Quarter Horses, Argentina
EQ Graphics did a phenomenal job creating a new logo for a new vision. I was not sure what I wanted, only knew the elements and target audience I wanted to gravitate towards, and they took care of the rest. Extremely easy process, timely production, excellent customer service. Their product is everything I could have hoped for and more.
Grace Petty, Aspire Performance Horses

I was absolutely blown away with what I was shown! I felt like my logo encompassed everything about me, my art, and my clients. It was gritty, a touch feminine, and very Old West; exactly what I wanted to capture...

I met Jackie at The Equine Photography Retreat in 2020. I had seen several of her logos before and always loved them, but wasn’t sure if she would be willing to take on my brand. Most of what I had seen from EQ Graphics was geared toward the English equestrian world, and I mostly cater to the Western demographic. I approached her, shared my work, and told her a bit about my style.

She was excited to give it a go. I had no idea about exactly what I wanted as a logo for my photography business, but I knew I wanted it to reflect my brand, my work, and me as an individual. A quick phone conference and a couple months later and EQ Graphics emailed me the first draft.

Working with EQ Graphics was not only simple, but fun! They helped me see a side of my business I hadn’t noticed before which then allowed me to better brand myself to potential clients. I finally have an eye catching logo that tells people exactly what I’m about and what to expect from their time with me.

I can’t thank EQ Graphics enough for their amazing work.
Maureen Freidly, Fox Trot Photography, Texas