“I loved working with EQ Graphics. I couldn’t believe how in just a few minutes of discussion they were able to create such an awesome logo. It is perfect for what I was imagining.

I know that they said most people were happy with their logos with the first rendition, but I have to say I didn’t believe them. When they emailed me the first screenshot I was blown away. And with just a few minutes of back and forth on the colors of the lettering we had a logo that will work for whatever I choose to do. Thank you so much EQ Graphics.
K. Simmons, Applied EQ

It wasn’t easy at all for me to find someone who could actually create something for my logo exactly the way I was expecting it, so I’m very happy I found you and and very amazed with your company and your drawings, I know it is not that easy to draw a horse and it represents the whole concept perfectly…

I have to say I’m very impressed with your super cool work, your effectiveness and your amazing attention!!! You made this so fast for me and I really love it!

The letters are perfect and the Panama map too. I love everything about it.. So thank you so much for helping me to accomplish the first step in order to create my business.

Thank you for your embroidery advice too!! I had no idea it could be done that way and it sounds awesome! And thank you so much for explaining to me which files you are giving me and how can I use them, that’s awesome! thank you so much! You make it so much easier and flexible for sure! I’m loving my logo!! I really mean it
M. Noli, Centro de Equinoterapia de Panamá, Panama
I have spent my entire life dreaming of one day creating my own equine business. Once things began to fall into place, I had a clear vision of how I wanted my business to be represented in a logo. I remember even years ago admiring Eq Graphics art and being drawn to the detail and unique style of their work. There was never any question as to which company always my first choice in helping make my vision a reality. After speaking with Jackie, and hearing how excited and passionate she was about creating my logo, I knew I had made the perfect choice! With just a few small revisions to the original draft, the logo was perfect. I cannot say enough good about the customer service and quality of Eq Graphics work!
Alexandria Wilcox, Laima Dalia Sporthorses