I have been searching and creating my logo for over five years.  Mostly because I could not bring my story into the logos. The companies I interviewed were in the box thinkers and not personable…

I know I did not want the same logo I see on all the barns. I wanted my logo to be artistic, creative, unique and tell a story. I truly thought that I would have to settle for what I created knowing it was not THE logo I hoped for.

I was browsing around Facebook when I saw a logo that was clean, elegant and so professional. I had no idea where it came from so I started researching the photo and found EQ Graphics. It only took me two minutes to email them and to receive a message back.  I was so impressed with our phone conversation that my fingers were crossed that I could afford it. My quote was very much in my budget. Jackie was so nice to talk to, personable, fun, great listener and I could tell she loves what she does. SOLD!

I was trying to be very patient while she was hard at work creating this logo for me.  It was worth every single minute I waited. My logo is exactly what I wanted! Jackie was so patient with me as a I traveled through this process and I could not be happier. My logo is truly art and I will wear it with pride.  It is stunning! EQ Graphics is awesome!”
Jenny Alphin, Hoofbeats Stables
Our fears of not having our visions fulfilled, were quickly settled after talking to your team. It was immediately clear that you understood what we were searching for, and had the talent to deliver.

We feel so confident with the design and can’t wait to start making shirts, jackets and coolers with it everywhere! Thank you for the wonderful experience, we appreciate your work greatly and will be so proud to show it off, for years to come!
K. Kerrigan, Infinity Sporthorses

If you want the highest possible quality and attention to every minuet detail, then EQGraphics is your company. You absolutely can’t go wrong. They will work and work and work until you are satisfied with the product you’re receiving...

As the new management group at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center, the Northeast Florida Equestrian Society was striving for a new identity to rebrand our center. EQGraphics gave us the exact avenue and boost that we needed. Did we mention boost? David, Jackie and staff worked around the clock to meet some extremely tight deadlines so our website could go live on the day we assumed management.

Their team worked nonstop (literally 24/7) with our staff to develop an incredible logo that honors Jacksonville residents and will identify our equestrian center as a premier destination in the Southeast. All others in our industry should take notice at the outstanding service, creativity and end result that EQGraphics provides customers.

A tip of the hat to Jackie, David and the EQGraphics Staff from the NFES and the patrons of the Jacksonville Equestrian Center for our exceptional new logo and website.
Penny Gorton, Jacksonville Equestrian Center, Florida