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Ellen Sauer Hestetræning

Classical Dressage & Academic Equitation in Denmark

Ellen Sauer of Denmark is deeply passionate about teaching and training the art of Academic Equitation, and enjoys working with those who wish to further their riding and training education. Her approach is based on Classical Dressage, learning theories and equine behavior. She places a unique emphasis on what she calls ‘collaboration’ with the horse. The underlying principle of which is, while horses are social animals who do their best if they first understand what is expected of them, it may not be in their obvious nature to do what we are asking. Therefore it is the trainers responsibility to make what we desire from them easily understood through cooperation and understanding. Ellen is able to help riders understand these theoretical perspectives and put them into practice utilizing exercises and signals both in-hand and while riding.

Thank you so much for your effort in designing the logo of my dreams, I take enormous pride of showcasing it everywhere online as in real life! And I got the best response on it as well. It is a pleasure to buy designs from such professional and dedicated, not just designers, but horse owners as yourselves! You manage to capture horses in a very special way because of that, I’m sure!

~Ellen Sauer
Ellen Sauer Hestetræning, Denmark

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