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Equine Performance Solutions

Whole Horse Equine Body Work and Sports Massage Therapy

Equine Performance Solutions was founded by Vicke McCall, EEBW, who was introduced to Equine Body Work when she discovered it’s benefits from a client’s perspective over 16 years ago. She has extensive training through Equinology and studied in California and England in order to receive her body work certification. Her years of experience competing in a variety of disciplines, coupled with her background in rehabilitating sick and injured horses brings great value to her clients and their horses. Equine body work integrates sports massage, soft tissue mobilization techniques, focal point work on stress points, trigger points, and acupoints. Through this work she is able to help remodel and lengthen connective tissue, break up scar tissue, adhesions and myofascial restrictions that cause limitation and interfere with muscle movement. The outcome is a horse who is happy and willing in their work and  more easily able to perform to their fullest potential. Vicke is based in Central Florida and is available to service horses located in Ocala, Wellington, Orlando and travels regularly throughout the state.

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