Custom Horsemanship Lasso Logo

by EQ Graphics

Isidro Espinoza Horsemanship

Extreme Mustang Makeover Trainer in Loomis, California

Referred to by his clients as a “horse whisperer”, Loomis, California based horse trainer, Isidro Espinoza’s name is synonymous with a deep understanding of horse behaviour and the ability to work through their oftentimes “man-made” issues.  Isidro and his wife Amber work primarily with Arabian endurance horses and Wild Mustangs. The Esponoza’s are highly respected within the community for putting the needs of the horse first with a “no agenda” approach to allowing horses to develop at their own pace and each in their own unique way. Isidro has successfully competed in Extreme Mustang Makeover challenges where he earned the Champion Rookie title at the 2017 Reno EMM. Isidro also has a unique advantage to offer his clients; the horses he takes in for training are exposed to the nearby trail system, which happens to be the most famous horse trail in the nation… the Tevis. Whether you have a young horse, a problem horse or are wanting to condition to run the Tevis Cup, Isidro and Amber share a passion for helping people and horses become confident and happy in all that they do.

Oh wow!!! That looks amazing!!! Way better than I could have imagined!!! Thank you so much! We love it, the lasso design is very cool and unique.

~Amber Espinoza
Isidro Espinoza Horsemanship

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