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Red Rock Equine Veterinary

Washington Veterinarian with State-of-the-Art Equipment

Red Rock Equine Veterinary, located in scenic Fall City, WA, was founded in 2016 by Dr. Chantal Rothschild, ACVIM.  In addition to routine services, Rock Equine Veterinary focuses on providing equine internal medicine consults and services to Veterinarian colleagues and horse owners. Dr. Rothschild utilizes state of the art equipment for diagnostics including digital x-ray equipment designed and optimized for equine patients, latest generation ultrasound equipment, 3m video-endoscopy for internal organs, dental scopes and tools and advanced Ophthalmology equipment among many others. Red Rock Equine Veterinary can contribute significantly to the care of horses with more complex problems through the utilization of these modern tools and equipment. Dr. Rothschild’s expertise and years of experience, combined with an extensive veterinary collaborative program ensures your horse will receive the best diagnostics, treatment, follow-up and compassionate care.

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