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Top Horses, LLC is a widely recognized sales facility that specializes in importing top level European show jumpers, hunters, equitation horses and eventers from Holland, Germany, Portugal and the UK. Their rapidly growing popularity is due to the trust that has been established throughout the North American market for their ethical and honest representation of horses for sale. Less than 3% of the horses they consider importing ultimately pass their stringent evaluation process and the dozens of testimonials dotted throughout every page of their new website are a testament to validity of their program.

Top Horses, LLC quickly outgrew their original website on Squarespace and hired EQ Graphics to create a custom site after first going through an unfortunate experience with another web design firm that left them in an urgent situation.

I started working with Eq Graphics after a horrific experience with another company who didn't do a proper job but was more than happy to take my money and keep asking for more. EQ was upfront from the beginning of the cost of making my website and not once did they ask for any hidden extras...

I started working with Eq Graphics after a horrific experience with another company who didn’t do a proper job but was more than happy to take my money and keep asking for more. EQ was upfront from the beginning of the cost of making my website and not once did they ask for any hidden extras.

They completed my site in record time and literally worked day and night to do so. I was just stunned when I got the first look at it  and told them there have only been a few times in my life anything has ever left me speechless, and this was one of those times.

My website has already helped my business grow within the month that it has been up and running. I am forever grateful for all the help and expertise in making this an incredible website and I cannot thank Jackie, David and everyone at EQ enough for making this happen with no hiccups. If you are in need of a website for your equine business EQ Graphics are the ones to come to.

~Helene Jones
Top Horses, LLC

Our favorite projects are those when we are given complete freedom to run with our ideas. Over the years, we’ve learned that we truly do our best work and take on the biggest challenges when our creativity is not stifled. That is when we work the hardest and innovate the most. This was one of those projects. We handled every aspect of this redesign from gathering content across multiple websites and social media channels to creating the navigation structure, user experience, design, functionality and everything in between. Top Horses saw the site for the first time moments before it was ready to go live and with the exception of removing one horse that sold the day before, no other changes were requested.

Rebranding Strategy

Although Top Horses original design was already mobile responsive and clean, it was what we consider to be “too clean”. We took them out of a Squarespace template and into a fully custom website that we created to match the vibrant colors of their existing logo and reveal the energetic atmosphere of this rapidly expanding business.

Web Design & Development

The Top Horses, LLC website was built for functionality and ease-of-use as the first priority and “looks” as the second. As beautiful as this and many of our websites are on the surface, where they really shine is behind-the-scenes. Top Horses are in high demand and the ability for their team to add unlimited horses, videos, and photos on the fly, with ease, is crucial. This business model is exactly the reason we created our platform. Our simple to use, drag-and-drop system is often times quicker for a client to add and make changes to their website than it is to send an email notifying their webmaster of the change. The old saying “when you want something done right, do it yourself” applies to our websites. No one knows your horses like you do and the freedom to do everything you need, with no prior website experience, will allow you to keep your site exactly the way you want it.

Adding a new horse for sale can be done in a matter of minutes… even if they have dozens of photos and videos to display. When a horse sells, they can be moved a “sold” page automatically with the click of one button. Showcasing a particular horse for sale on the homepage is also done with a single click. Our sites are built with busy people in mind. Our clients are predominately breeders, competitors, trainers and equestrian sales facilities. Rarely in 15-years have we ever had a customer with coding experience or the desire to learn it. EQ is the only company in the equine industry that does not outsource our code, we are coders… we just happen to know horses as well as CSS and PHP. This allows EQ a unique advantage for creating beautiful solutions for horse businesses to use and grow exponentially.

Month One Review


Increase in New Visitors


Increase in Return Visits

Increase in Page Views



Bounce Rate

Within one month of launch, EQ Graphics more than doubled the already high number of repeat visitors to the website in addition to increasing the websites page views over 400% and decreasing the bounce rate to an unusually low 1%, meaning 99% of visitors stayed to view more than just the page they originally entered.

Video & Production

High quality video is becoming increasingly important for horse businesses of all kinds, which is why EQ Graphics has formed partnerships with top videographers who understand horses and understand the level of quality that EQ stands for. This video was created to be a testament to the credibility and level of customer satisfaction people who buy a horse from Top Horses, LLC can rely upon.

Although we do offer social media management for our customers on a limited basis, we are asked so regularly about this service that it has become our ultimate goal to equip our clients with an arsenal of tools and knowledge so they have their own ability to increase effectiveness and maximize reach and engagement on social media networks. 

Social Engagement Strategy

With a Facebook audience of over 20,000 show jumping enthusiasts and high quality horses for sale that each have the potential to “go viral”, we wanted to come up with a strategy that would increase engagement with their already active audience. Facebook is ever-changing and not necessarily for the good when it comes to business pages. It is imperative for businesses to start capturing their own leads so they can interact with fans and followers outside of social networks.

We created and implemented a strategy to capture the email addresses of Top Horses large following by developing an intriguing private section of the website accessible ONLY to newsletter subscribers. Loyal subscribers have an exclusive 24 hour “Sneak Peak” at new horses for sale and this, combined with custom coded newsletter, fully branded business page and branded posts, are all designed to be key tools in the short-term growth and long-term success of Top Horses, LLC.